Three Pines Farm is a 5th generation family farm that is home to a lovely studio space in grandpa's renovated barn. We provide classes and specialty events centered on the arts, cooking, traditional crafts, sustainable living, and various other pursuits.

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Private Events

for friends, family, fun

Temakizushi Workshop: Sushi-Making Party/Family Style Dinner

with Tomie Sasaki-Hesselink

Temakizushi (hand-rolled sushi) is very popular and easy to prepare. Temakizushi is a special cone-shaped sushi surrounded by a sheet of nori (dried seaweed), and with various neta (seafood, vegetable, egg omelette, etc) in the middle.

In this workshop, your instructor, Tomie Sasaki-Hesselink, will share her knowledge of sushi, and provide a lot of hands-on fun learning how to roll your own sushi cones. Then plenty of time to relax, gather 'round the big table, and enjoy temakizushi as it is meant to be enjoyed - with a family-style dining experience.

Herbal Soaps from Scratch

with Ann Staudt of Siberian Soap Co.

Explore the art and science of making handcrafted soap from scratch with Ann Staudt of Siberian Soap Co.. Using the centuries-old cold-process soapmaking technique, students will combine plant-based oils and lye to create soaps that are mild, moisturizing, and eco-friendly. This workshop is very hands-on, with each participant making and taking home 1 pound (~4-5 full size bars) of their own custom batch of soap.

authentic french crepes

with vicky dunn of c’est la v bakery

Learn to make authentic French crêpes with Vicky Dunn of C’est la V Bakery. In this workshop, you will learn to make both sweet and savory crêpes (or if you have a particular kind in mind, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate!), simply and easily, without any special equipment. You will also enjoy a tasting of your crepe creations, plus leave with recipes to try at home.

scones & tea

with vicky dunn of c’est la v bakery

Don a vintage apron in our quaint kitchen, and learn to make scones with Vicky Dunn of C’est la V Bakery. In this workshop, Vicky will share her versatile scone recipe, as well as simple techniques to use to make scones to bake immediately, or freeze for later. You will make & bake some sweet and savory scones, which will be enjoyed around an elegant table, with a beautiful blooming tea and/or our favorite 100 year black tea.

artisan pizza party

with vicky dunn of c’est la v bakery

Pizza – not only is it almost everybody’s favorite food, it’s also one of the most fun foods to make together! In this workshop, Vicky Dunn of C’est la V Bakery, will teach you how to make perfect pizza dough from scratch, and how to cook an artisan-style pizza in a home oven. Vicky will share tips on how to use the dough, as well as how to freeze dough for later use. Each guest will receive a pizza crust recipe, and an unbaked crust to enjoy at home. Of course it wouldn’t be a pizza party without actually eating pizza, so you will have some hands-on fun making a few pizzas together, which you will then enjoy family-style, around family-sized table.

G.O.A.T. birthday party for kids & Teens!

Paint & make G.O.A.T. charms to enjoy as either a necklace, backpack decor/key chain. ~1.5-1.75 hours (30 min goat meet & greet, 30-45min jewelry/keychain making workshop, 30 min to enjoy birthday refreshments). Note that the quality paint we use takes a day or two to fully dry. You can either take your charms home carefully while they are tacky, or leave them here on the farm for pick up at an arranged time later, once fully dry. Recommended age: 6+ years old.

PLEASE NOTE THE DIFFERENT PRICING FOR THIS PRIVATE EVENT: $150 for up to 8 party attendees, with at least one adult in attendance to provide additional assistance if needed. If you would like homemade cupcakes with buttercream flowers, they are provided for an additional $3.00 ea/minimum order of 6. Plates & utensils are provided with cupcake order.

The Details:

Choose from the events listed above. For more info on each event/workshop, contact Kara at or through our contact page.

Complimentary snack and drinks (regular coffee, assorted teas, sparkling water) are provided to enjoy during the workshop/learning portion of each event (does not apply for G.O.A.T. birthday party for kids & teens).

BYOB friendly (wine and/or beer only please, does not apply for G.O.A.T. birthday party for kids & teens).

Please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions. We will try our best to accommodate. (email to

Snack Options (please choose one, does not apply for G.O.A.T. birthday party for kids):

1. Torta di Noci (Walnut Cake) Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream

2. Individual Crumb Cakes (much like a coffee cake)

3. Three Pines Farm’s Famous Homemade Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream

4. Rich Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting and Chocolate Ganache Filling

Pricing: Each private event/workshop is priced at $65.00 per person (does not apply for G.O.A.T. birthday party for kids & teens)

Minimum Group Size: 8 people

Maximum Group Size: 10 people (does not apply for G.O.A.T. birthday party for kids & teens)

Age Requirement: 16 years+ (some exceptions may apply, and does not apply for G.O.A.T. birthday party for kids & teens)

Length of Workshops: Roughly 3 hours each (does not apply for G.O.A.T. birthday party for kids & teens)

Dates: Dates are booked based on mutual availability of the group, educator, and Three Pines Farm. Private workshops must be booked at least 14 days in advance.

Deposit: A $100 deposit is required at booking to hold your workshop date. The remaining balance must be paid on, or before, the workshop date. Payments must be made by check or cash.

Weather or Unforeseen Circumstance Cancelation Policy: We will work in a snow date for each private workshop (based on mutual availability). In the event a group can only register for one date and the educator or Three Pines Farm decides we need to cancel due to weather (or a major unforeseen circumstance), we will issue a full refund to the group. But, if the private group cancels less than 7 days out from the workshop, for weather or any other reason, the group will be charged a $100 cancelation fee.

Booking Your Event: Please contact Kara at Three Pines Farm to learn more about our private events and/or to coordinate your group registration. You may reach Kara by email at or through our contact page.

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