Three Pines Farm is a 5th generation family farm that is home to a lovely studio space in grandpa's renovated barn. We provide classes and specialty events centered on the arts, cooking, traditional crafts, sustainable living, and various other pursuits.

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Basket Weaving: A Weekend Retreat with Peeta Tinay of Tinay Studio

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Basket Weaving: A Weekend Retreat with Peeta Tinay of Tinay Studio


Basket weaving is one of the most ancient and widespread crafts. While practical, it can easily be elevated to a fine art with vision and skill. Basket making techniques and materials are very diverse, but a solid foundation of basics will take you far. Whether you are new to basket making, or have experience, this special workshop retreat with Peeta Tinay of Tinay Studio will reward you with the experience of creating a challenging beginner basket, and introduce you to various techniques and insightful perspectives on basket making.

The basket you will make in this retreat is a split spoke and twined construction, with a basket base boasting a colorful spiral pattern. Students will have vibrant colors to choose from for the basket base. Both black and brown round reed will be in this mix as well for those with a more subdue palette. The basket will be made from multiple diameters of round reed, which lend additional textural interest. All round reed will be pre-dyed and prepared for this specific project, providing ease and flow for this workshop retreat.

Students will learn the twining technique, the fundamentals of materials selection, basket shaping, and the importance of tension while making an approximate 15" diameter x 3" tall basket

All levels are welcome. This is a great "next steps" workshop for those who have ventured into the world of basket weaving, or a very well-rounded start for beginners. All weaving materials are provided to create one basket (15" diameter x 3" tall), which each student will make during the workshop. All tools needed will be available for use.

Artist Statement

I spent the first two decades of my career learning and refining restoration techniques of antique and contemporary wicker furniture. In 2011, at age 43, a cathartic personal discovery about my birth and heritage threw open a door to creativity and set my work on a new and unexpected course. This experience provided the catalyst I needed to start creating my own designs for the baskets I make. I am inspired by techniques from antique wicker furniture, passementerie and anything exceptionally made and beautiful finished. Repeating patterns intentional and unintentional always catch my eye for a second look.

My basketry projects combine a variety of weaving techniques including twining, plaiting and lashing. I now prefer to create large works, moving beyond previously held notions of scale and proportion. Fine detail is achieved by using small-diameter round reed in the beginning stages of weaving which eventually transitions to larger reed. The combination of bold scale and fine detail are, to me, simply sublime. When plaiting with flat reed, I discovered additional interest by using multiple layers - juxtaposing interior and exterior colors that draw the observer deeper into the work. Cellulose fiber dyes are hand-blended creating either natural hues or vibrant colors. Finishing steps include a UV archival varnish and a hand-buffed wax finish.

From weaving techniques using a variety of materials to replicating complex finishes using paints, stains and dyes, my skills are continuously expanding. Reed, the primary material used in antique woven furniture, is the material I have chosen to use in all my projects. Derived from the vine rattan palm, it has been a workhorse in the production of handwoven wicker furniture since the 1880’s which ushered in America’s Golden Age of wicker furniture production. The versatility and resilience of this amazing material gives each new project infinite possibilities.

I feel that my current work captures and showcases all of my skills with reference to design and technique. I will continue to evolve as a craftswoman, seeking excellence in my work and within myself.

My baskets are a culmination of 25 years of experience in working with weaving materials, finishes and the technical aspects involved in antique wicker restoration. I could not have made these baskets 10 years ago, my sense of form and design had not yet fully developed. It feels as if these designs, patterns and textural combinations have been waiting until now to emerge. My baskets represent the intersection of passion, competency and skill. Those valuable years of restoration have provided a strong love for quality design and structure that I bring to life through hard work, patience and a deep appreciation for the craft.

Learn more about Peeta on her website, and find her on Instagram.

Date: Saturday – Sunday, September 21-22, 2019

Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Cost: $350.00 per person (accommodations not included)

Age Requirement: 18 years or older

Skill Requirement: All skill levels welcome, HAND STRENGTH IS REQUIRED

Items to Bring/Note: Please bring 1-2 old bath towels. Hand cream is suggested and dark or older clothes should be worn. The dye will come off on hands while weaving. It will also transfer to light colored clothing.

Accommodations: The Black Hawk Hotel is located in the charming historic downtown of Cedar Falls and is a quick 10min drive to the farm.

Food: Snacks and a farm fresh, homemade lunch will provided each day. You are also welcome to bring a sack lunch if you prefer. Please share any dietary concerns (, and we will try our best to accommodate.

Fine Print: Please register by August 21, 2019. If the class minimum is not met, a refund may be issued in lieu of this class offering. You will be alerted shortly after the registration deadline if a refund is being issued. All materials and supplies will be provided in class.

Out of respect for the investment of time and effort by our educational staff, cancellations occurring after August 21, 2019 will be subject to the forfeiture of registration costs. If you find you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send someone in your place. Please notify us if there is a change of registration.

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